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The Company

Center for Socilal Forecast and Marketing was founded on October, 1988 and appeared to be be the first independent private research esteblishment in Russia. Since that and up to now it is managed by it’s founder Franz Sheregi.

As a result of almost 20 years on the market the original and inique CSFM system of methods became the most reliable tool of qualitative and quantitative research with uncompetitive accuracy.

Knowledge, experience and original data base on social and economical trends for the two decade period is the CSFM key to releiable forecasting on social and economical challenges.

The Coverage

CSFM base of professional questioners covers 85 Russian regions that means almost the entire populated territory of Russian Federation.

The Accuracy

The CSFM’s high data accuracy is a result of implementation of original sampling and panel technic. An overall data precision is 2,5%. on both regional and national polls.